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Underwater hockey

This volcanic-looking crater can be seen for miles, and it was created by a man-made accident.

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In , the Soviets were drilling for natural gas and punched a hole into a huge underground natural gas cavern. The rig fell in and released massive amounts of natural gas. They set the hole on fire hoping that it would burn itself out, but here we are, nearly 50 years later, and people are still coming from miles around to camp in the wild Karakum Desert and stare into the "Door to Hell.

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The famed Chocolate Hills of Bohol are something that has puzzled geologists for years. There are 1, cone-shaped mounds spread over more than 20 square miles, varying in size from to feet high.

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  5. Spoiler alert! The hills only look like chocolate in the dry season November—March when the grass turns brown.

    From the air, the hot spring looks like a giant mood ring because of its bizarre colors and its round shape. What gives the third largest spring in the world its crazy rainbow hues? It comes from heat-loving bacteria that live in the gradually cooler water around the spring. If you happen to be on the shore during the winter months, you can witness an unbelievable but beautiful site — ice hummocks.

    Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colo.

    Expanding ice forms these unique hummocks that make the lake look like rolling hills with giant turquoise stones peeking out of the snow. The floating island plateau of Mount Roraima sits 7, feet above the forest floor, on the border between Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.

    Prepare to feel old, like you are.

    These unbelievable sheer cliffs soar high above the clouds and make you feel like you are literally floating on a magic carpet. This 2-billion-year-old rock formation features some of the highest waterfalls on the planet. But the amazing contrast between the eucalyptus forest and the blue of the ocean make this spot on the planet unique. Lake Hillier is also quite a challenge to get to because it is isolated on Middle Island in the Recherche Archipelago off the coast of Western Australia. From the air, the lake appears to be a pool of Pepto Bismol surrounded by a sea of green trees and blue water.

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    The water is not as vivid from the ground, but still appears pink in a clear glass. The bad news is that the lake is off-limits for swimming. Each U. Flag designs in the early days were a matter of great discussion and dispute. It was often not a stately process, so to speak, but rather a chaotic gathering of symbolic ideas and happenstance. Contests were held, arguments were made, and artists were hired to do their thing. Another optical illusion designed to mess with your head! We wonder how many shoppers got a fright only to realize their mistake?

    Some people have stared endlessly and still not been able to solve it. But, when the penny drops and you realize, you might feel a bit silly! Here you see am impressive red sand storm creeping along the ocean in Perth, Australia. What a magnificent sight! How incredible is this body painting? Some people are just so talented! The fake handstand trick has not been very well executed here.

    You Won’t Believe This

    Good effort, though! Did the fact jump out at you straight away or take a while to appear?


    Some people spot these things instantly whilst others simply see the individual pieces. Whoever created this has an incredible imagination ….

    You Wont Believe This You Wont Believe This
    You Wont Believe This You Wont Believe This
    You Wont Believe This You Wont Believe This
    You Wont Believe This You Wont Believe This
    You Wont Believe This You Wont Believe This

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