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These same techniques were what Gorgas brought with him to Panama in For Gorgas, it was urgent to get a jump on mosquito eradication before new, non-immune workers arrived and became infected. Wallace, numbered among the nonbelievers. However, John F. Gorgas would later write, "The moral effect of so high an official taking such a stand at this period The work to combat yellow fever included screening windows and doors, house-by-house fumigation of Panama City and Colon and weekly oiling of cisterns and cesspools.

A most important advance was providing running water to Panama City, Colon and other townsites to do away with the need for the domestic water containers that served as perfect breeding sites for the yellow fever vector mosquito. Malaria, unlike yellow fever, does not confer immunity. With the disease endemic on the Isthmus, there were repeated opportunities to lay its victims low by debilitation or death.

It actually was the cause of more deaths during the French and U. During the first year of the American effort, , nearly all of the American force, including Gorgas, had contracted malaria after only a month on the Isthmus. If we do not control malaria our mortality is going to be heavy. Reducing and eradicating the swarms of malarial mosquitoes was a huge task. Research, however, revealed valuable information. Knowing that the Anopheles mosquito cannot fly far without lighting on some sort of vegetation, yard-wide areas were cleared around where people lived and worked.

Sanitation teams drained more than square miles of swamp, built nearly a thousand miles of earthen ditching, some miles of concrete ditch, miles of rock-filled trench, almost miles of tile drain, cut hundreds of acres of wild vegetation, sprayed standing water with thousands of gallons of oil, hatched and released thousands of minnows to eat the Anopheles larvae and bred spiders, ants, lizards to feed on adult insects.

To keep vegetation such as grass and algae from preventing the free spread of the larvae-smothering oil, some barrels of poison a mixture of carbolic acid, resin and caustic soda were applied monthly around the edges of water pools and streams. While these efforts covered only a small fraction of the Zone area, they efficiently reduced malaria incidence in populated areas.

Two hundred and eleven employees died of malaria during fiscal year , declining significantly from a peak of 7. This achievement greatly increased American chances of canal-building success. A report stated that, during the past 20 years, there were only 7 deaths from malaria among employees. Legal owners thus required to vacate were compensated for their property.

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Many inhabitants were required to relocate with the filling of Gatun Lake. Many of these sites dated from early days of Chagres River navigation, when the route was a much used commercial route across the Isthmus. Following Canal completion, still other townsites were no longer needed and were abandoned. On the other hand, Culebra, the American headquarters, was newly built. Many of these were never intended to be permanent. Many problems had to be confronted immediately and solved by John F.

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Stevens, chief engineer between July 1, and April 1, As Panama was, to say the least, insufficiently developed or equipped to support the additional population created by the growing Canal labor force, a great deal of planning went into providing proper housing and an adequate food supply. Virtually everything that was needed for Canal construction, from equipment and building supplies to a labor force and food, would have to be brought to the Isthmus and distributed efficiently along the line of the canal. The Panama Railroad, which Stevens saw at once to be the lifeline of Canal construction, was completely overhauled.

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The lightweight, inadequate and mismatched equipment of the French was replaced with the best and toughest available, for this railroad would not only distribute workers, materials and supplies, but also would haul away the dirt and rock excavated from the channel. All other kinds of equipment were rehabilitated or replaced as well. Communications were improved with new telegraph and telephone systems.

The size of the labor force was tripled in six months under Stevens and whole communities, including housing, mess halls, hospitals, hotels, schools churches, cold storage, clubhouses and laundries were built to accommodate them.

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Streets were paved in Colon and Panama City and water and sewage systems installed. At one time, nearly half of the 24 thousand-man work force was employed at constructing buildings. Spoil train schedules were coordinated to the level where the excavation work was being done.

Spoil train capacity kept pace with the excavation work, keeping both trains and steam shovels efficiently employed at all times. It is therefore to him, much more than to me, that justly belongs the honor of being the actual 'Genius of the Panama Canal It was Stevens who convinced Roosevelt of the wisdom and necessity of building a lock rather than a sea level canal, and Stevens who lobbied the U.

The difference was that Stevens succeeded. He also helped draft the major Senate address by Philander Knox on June 19, , on the subject of the Canal, the lock plan and Gatun Dam in particular. Two days after the Knox speech, the Senate voted for a lock canal 36 to 31; on June 27, the House followed suit.

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Stevens would call the sea level plan "an entirely untenable proposition, an impracticable futility. Goethals reportedly once remarked that there was not money enough in the world to construct a sea level canal across Panama. Time and construction costs aside, Stevens would still prefer a lock canal:. It will provide, beyond question, the best solution to the vital problem of how safely to care for the floodwater of the Chagres Its cost of operation, maintenance and fixed charges will be much less than any sea-level canal. With all immediate problems solved and the work going well, Stevens suddenly and inexplicably resigned, effective April 1, Roosevelt now spoke of building the canal as a mighty battle involving both the national honor and that of the work force.

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The first president to leave the continental United States while in office, he made a trip to Panama in November to see for himself how things were going. At the end of his last day there, he made an impromptu speech to several hundred Americans, including John Stevens. Excerpts from those remarks reveal his thinking at the time. The man who does his duty, no matter in what position he may be placed, is the man for the job. But to do your duty you must do a little more than just earn your salary. As I have looked at you and seen you work, seen what you have done and are doing, I have felt just exactly as I would feel to see the big men of our country carrying on a great war.

This is one of the great works of the world. It is a greater work than you yourselves at the moment realize. If a man was a lieutenant general of the army or if he was the last recruit, the youngest recruit whose age would permit him to serve in the ranks, it makes no difference.

If he did his duty well, he is a comrade, and recognized in every Grand Army post. Judging from these remarks, it is easy to see how Roosevelt might have felt that Stevens, by his resignation, had betrayed the fundamental precepts of such a great and noble enterprise by viewing it as just a job and not putting into it the commitment of heart and spirit that Roosevelt felt it deserved.

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While he apparently felt no ill will towards Stevens, he failed to mention Stevens in the canal section of his autobiography. Army Corps of Engineers, who would be required to stay on the job as long as his president and commander in chief wanted him there. In addition to serving as chief engineer, Goethals also was named chairman of the Isthmian Canal Commission and president of the Panama Railroad Company and its subsidiary steamship line, giving him much more power and responsibility than wielded by previous chief engineers.

He was responsible only to the Secretary of War and the President. Aloof and straight laced in manner and appearance and certainly not an easy mixer or winner of popularity, Goethals was highly respected for his honesty and fairness and was considered a superb administrator by his admirers, of whom there were ample number. I now consider that I am commanding the Army of Panama, and that the enemy we are going to combat is the Culebra Cut and the locks and dams at both ends of the Canal, and any man here on the work who does his duty will never have any cause to complain of militarism.

Goethals was well qualified for his post, having graduated second in his class at West Point and having had previous experience with locks and dams. Most of his immediate professional subordinates were also military men, including Lieutenant Colonel Harry F. Hodges, Major William L. Hodges was in charge of the design and erection of the lock gates.

Gaillard died of a brain tumor shortly before the Canal was completed. In posthumous recognition of his service, President Woodrow Wilson issued an executive order on April 17, , officially changing the name of Culebra Cut to Gaillard Cut. Sydney B.

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Williamson, in charge of the Pacific Division from the southern end of Culebra Cut to deep water in the Pacific, was the only civilian engineer on this high-level team. He was responsible for the construction of Pedro Miguel and Miraflores Locks with their auxiliary dams. The only naval member of the commission, Rousseau was in charge of the design and construction of all terminals, wharves, coaling stations, dry docks, machine shops, warehouses and other auxiliary structures. Major design changes were made as work progressed. For example, the bottom width of the canal channel in Culebra Cut was widened from to feet.

So they are similar. The aliens on First World are taller and look slightly different, but in most ways, are human-like. But, it makes sense because First World is the "source. But, I've said it before, I like my heroines to be special, so this was not an issue for me. There is tons of potential with exploring the other worlds, and I really liked the set up for the next books. Brace strange name is the romantic interest, and he is pretty swoon-worthy. I also thought the BFF Lucy was fleshed-out well.

Usually the BFF seems generic to me, but Lucy was substantial as a supporting character. I'll definitely be continuing!

The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1) The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1)
The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1) The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1)
The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1) The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1)
The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1) The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1)
The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1) The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1)
The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1) The Will of the Chosen (Adventures of the Walker Book 1)

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