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Stephen recalled his encounters with both girls and boys in the village, but before this moment he had never felt the full-blown desire for another boy until today. He was totally enthralled by his new friend and, at this moment, wanted nothing more than to hold him and kiss those full lips.

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Unconsciously they moved toward each other and, as they did, Stephen's cock began to lengthen, his thick foreskin pulling back showing the large, shiny red head. Stephen blushed but did nothing practical to alter the situation. The two boys stood shaking with delight as they pleasured each other until they were spent, Stephen coming off in a great rush into Martin's hand. Martin was so overcome by lust that he completely forgot himself and stretched up and kissed Stephen passionately.

Halfway through the endearment he panicked until he felt Stephen taking control, wrapping his arms about his skull and pushing his tongue down into his mouth-- Stephen hadn't been offended; he'd desired it too. When they broke the kiss the two boys looked at each other with broad grins and just a trace of guilt as they caught their breath.

Then they both started to laugh and ran for the water. As arranged, the boys met at the swimming place the following afternoon.

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Martin was there first, cycling from the house, and he had brought a towel but had 'forgotten' his costume again. He was almost sick with anticipation and working out angry scenarios should Stephen fail to appear. However, these were quickly made redundant as cracking noises announced that Stephen was approaching the secret place, shouldering aside the branches of Portuguese laurel that formed its enclosing walls.

He was dressed in tight trousers, perhaps a little too short for his tall frame, with a jacket and a collarless shirt. When he tossed his cap aside, a wild, lust-filled look in his blue eyes thrilled and frightened Martin. Without any preliminaries he kissed Martin full on the lips, panting, "I couldn't sleep last night thinking about meeting you today.

They quickly undressed and Martin noted with approval that Stephen wore no underwear while he was confined in clumsy 'combinations'. Both boys were hard as rocks before they were finished undressing.

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Stephen pulled Martin in for another passionate kiss. While they were fighting to gain control of each other's mouths, Martin managed to get Stephen's large erection under his balls and then squeezed his thighs together tightly.

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Stephen groaned into his mouth and instinctively began to stimulate his member in these intimate and convenient confines, his cock leaking a steady stream of his young seed that acted as a lubricant and further fuelled his passion. As with all lads, it didn't take long before Stephen loosed what seemed like buckets of his manly seed between his lover's legs.

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The feeling of Stephen's release between his thighs made Martin's cock, which had been trapped between their stomachs, erupt as well. They gasped and pulled apart to take stock of what their actions, if not their emotions, had wrought, then, laughing from both their relief at the consummation of their passion and the joy of its freshness, the boys ran into the water and romped about for more than an hour.

After bathing, they both lay exhausted and dripping on the bank. Martin announced that he was starving and Stephen said, "Come back to the cottage for tea. I want you to meet my step-father, that is if you'd like to.

Stephen took the towel and carefully dried Martin. When Martin went to return the favour, Stephen just waved him away saying he was practically dry already, pulling on his trousers over his naked legs and buttocks, the damp shirt clinging to his muscles.

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Stephen peddled the bicycle while Martin sat on the bar, his back pressed into Stephen's comforting chest. The intimacy of the simple act made Martin's cock stir in trousers once again. When the kitchen door was unlatched there was an excited barking from three border collies as they greeted their master.

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Knight, a little shocked by his son's unexpected visitor, stood up and greeted Martin and then, taking his cue from his son, fell into a relaxed conversation as tea and buttered toast were produced. The boys ate ravenously, their hunger fuelled by their afternoon's activities. Knight talked about Croome and the land he so obviously loved--his voice as soft and warm as the fire crackling in the kitchen stove. He recalled visits to this very kitchen from Martin's mother and grandmother, treading with some delicacy on the former topic for fear that he may upset the boy.

When the conversation turned to school and sport, the old man shone with pride as he enumerated Stephen's successes and even ventured as far as to say that he was the village hero. At this, Stephen had the decency to blush, but he did not deny it, clearly happy to be able to impress his aristocratic friend.

Martin found himself wishing he had a parent or some relative, who felt like this about him, but such successes were considered impolite topics in families such as his own and he could only recall his mother visiting his prep school twice and his father never. The sudden thought of returning to school and leaving Stephen made him feel sick. Presently Knight stood up and announced that he had to go out for an hour or so to set traps before it was dark. Martin stood and held out his hand, which Knight shook firmly. He thanked 'Mr Knight' for the tea and made a polite speech about visiting again with a view to seeing that badger sett in a particular spinney that had been referred to earlier.

When his father was beyond the gate, Stephen shyly asked if Martin would like to see his books. With no thought to the fact that Croome had one of the best libraries in this part of England, and indeed at this very moment a full-time librarian was busy cataloguing medieval manuscripts, Martin replied, thickly, that he would indeed.

Stephen led him up the narrow staircase, at one point grabbing his hand to pull him down so as to avoid a twisted oaken beam that must have surely been placed there solely to stun the unwary. Martin noted the electric thrill of his touch. Stephen's bedroom was a tiny, twisted, whitewashed space beneath the thatch.

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Nevertheless it was a clean and attractive room in the afternoon sunlight reflected through a dormer. Martin went to the window and looked out over the village. There stood the church with its square tower. There was the brook that was the same one they swam in and probably the same one that fed the ornamental lake in the garden of his house.

The house itself was invisible on the other side of the park, a fact which Martin felt glad of, but he was conscious how everything else he could see belonged to his father: gamekeeper, village, park, stream, church--and possibly God himself. His family owned it all, yet in this bedroom he was the one who ached to belong to another. The collection of books was the usual fare: boys' adventure novels and popular school stories, but there were a few by H. Wells and some by other current authors. This impressed Martin. On the wall was a newspaper cutting outlining Stephen's success at cricket.

Stephen smiled proudly and then, clouded by sudden doubt, said, "I know it's nothing compared to your bedroom at Croome I suppose--I don't know why I brought you here. Then he blushed at the remembrance of what he had just said. And it's cosy. And I suppose you have silver brushes and silk pyjamas and everything," he continued cheekily.

I'd buy you silk ones if you want, you'd look wonderful in them," he added boldly, not to be outdone. At that Stephen dropped his trousers to the floor and held Martin to him. Martin ran his palm up under his shirt, feeling the small patch of hair in the valley of his chest and breathed in his smell. Stephen gently brushed Martin's lips with his index finger, holding his head slightly back so as to focus on him. Then, in a more forceful movement, he pulled Martin close, his hands sliding down Martin's back to rest firmly on his buttocks, and initiated a passionate kiss.

The two new lovers continued to kiss as they hurried to undress. After their shirts were off, they both kicked their trousers aside and Martin surprised Stephen by pushing him back onto the bed and kneeling between his muscular legs. He grabbed Stephen's large and very hard cock and began to lick the head as he squeezed up from the base, causing droplets of juice to collect in the slit. And then, in one deft movement, he drew it into his mouth, skilfully getting Stephen's manhood a good way into the back of his throat, reflecting for an instant on his coming from one of England's great families with a long tradition of service.

He began to move up and down while lathing the sensitive head with his tongue, idly observing to himself that Stephen's uncircumcised cock felt very different to that of the sixth-former at School whom he dutifully pleasured. After a few minutes of intense sucking, he pulled off and dived between Stephen's legs and began to lick and suck on his balls whilst he stroked Stephen's cock with one hand and his own with the other.

All too soon Stephen announced that he was going to spill, so Martin moved back up and took the slimy cock back into his mouth and began to use his tongue to cause, what he confidently knew, would be the maximum of pleasure. Soon his efforts were rewarded by a stunningly volley of forceful blasts of hot seed from Stephen which he swallowed from more than duty. He spilled into his own hand, which he brought up to his mouth and licked clean.

I don't think anything of it really. It's just something that I have to do. Besides…" he added, wiggling his little finger to complete the sentence. Stephen's pride was assuaged and he burst out laughing. With your looks and big--you know--you must have plenty of girls and boys after you," Martin asked, stroking his friend's ego. He wanted to give me money afterwards but I wouldn't take it. I just wanted to see what it was like. Martin asked no more questions and began to digest all this information. At school with his sixth-former he was weighing up whether he was performing the acts out of duty or because he enjoyed them.

He had been reluctant to admit, even to himself, that he would like doing it to other boys but now, with Stephen, it seemed to have a grander purpose that he could deny no longer.

The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1) The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1)
The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1) The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1)
The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1) The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1)
The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1) The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1)
The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1) The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1)
The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1) The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige Book 1)

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