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I have not read about this happening in the wild yet. I can't speak for Google devices but per Apple's iOS security whitepaper page 41 [1]: "To protect the device from vulnerabilities in network processor firmware, network interfaces including Wi-Fi and baseband have limited access to application processor memory.

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So that doesn't necessarily mean that it's safe. You'd be surprised how unsafe those are too, even though they aren't RDMA protocols. USB and SDIO stacks aren't really designed with malicious input in mind; it's like the 90s all over again if you think of those as the network protocols they are.

That's right, any kind of communication opens up some form of attack surface. Eliminating DMA is still worthwhile by reducing its total size, and shifting more of the implementation to the softare stack gives the device owner hopefully the user more control over the attack surface. Oh, totally.

Stingray - You Can't Hide Forever

It's an important part of modern defense in depth. On modern phones Stingray devices are just one of the many tools that can be used to gain access to private communications and data. Any app requiring access permissions to everything is a potential vulnerability that can be exploited by 3rd parties not to mention closed blobs etc ; in this context smartphones are all things considered much more vulnerable than old 2G ones. Not being a target of interest for the police myself, I will rather trust my old obsolete 2G only dumb phone because the chances of it being spied upon by Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook etc.

What exactly are the practical consequences of being spied on by GMAF, compared to law enforcement? You'll see a targeted advertisement, in place of an untargeted one? The problem with being spied upon by law enforcement is that it's not you who decides whether or not you're an interesting person. They do. Law enforcement agencies can and do purchase ad targeting profile data, and can also force warrantless searches of commercial databases, at least in the US.

They also can legally and do intercept things like backup replication streams of the big providers they did this to yahoo years ago, for example. My rule of thumb is that if any big consumer cloud service has it, then law enforcement does too. It's the most valuable thing the ad networks own. I can't call up Facebook [1], and ask to buy your demographic profile. I can call up Facebook, and ask to buy the ability to show ads to people fitting your demographic profile. Data from big providers, that ends up in the hands of law enforcement, is gathered through one of two ways: 1.

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Legitimate requests for access, with a judge signing off on it, an associated paper trail, and some pushback from the companies. NSLs, with a secret judge signing off on it, and nearly no paper trail, and some pushback from the companies. As far as I'm aware, 1 dwarfs 2 in frequency of access, and is also a completely legal, above-board way for LE to operate. Stingrays, on the other hand, are much more like 2.

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I mean, if you're not going to go through the trouble of protecting yourself from a Stingray, I understand. I occasionally jaywalk, and don't always cook my meat to 'well-done', wear mixed fabrics, and may have played hokey during my last dentist appointment. But if type 2 LE access is what you're concerned about, then you should probably look into dealing with Stingrays. And I am shocked that it is that much of a train wreck.

Stingray Thinks Camera Is Food, Gets Really Up Close And Personal

Still, I can't buy your profile from Apple, or Google, or Microsoft. You believe you are not of interest to LE, and therefore have no need to protect yourself from a Stingray. I disagree, but if we were to accept that premise, then you shouldn't really concern yourself with NSLs, either. I think I am not of interest to LE today, but who knows what could happen in a few years from now. Should the wrong people get in power I don't want them to know what's in my head as much as I don't want any potential employer to know about my ideas. The point is that whatever information they collect today about people, it stays in their servers forever, ready to be scraped through AI to build a profile.

HackAllThings 6 months ago. I think this is probably related to known insecurities in the AKA protocol, as researchers have recently found [1]. What might me important for some reader: shutting off 2G services means that you won't have telephone voice services, if your operator doesn't support voLTE. The barbs contain venom which, although rarely deadly, can cause severe pain and swelling.

The effects of the venom vary depending on which of the approximately species of stingray the attacker is. Doctors say quick first aid is crucial to minimising the pain and effects of the sting. The wound should be thoroughly washed with fresh or sea water as soon as possible in a bid to try and clean out some of the venom. The affected area should then be immersed in hot water for at least half an hour. Elevating the affected limb may also help to reduce the swelling of the wound. Although it may not be an emergency, the patient should be taken to hospital so doctors can make sure there are no fragments of the fish left behind or other debris which may cause infection.

Her wound never healed properly and, she described 'a lot of oozing fluid and pus', which continued when she returned home to England. Doctors tried prescribing antibiotics and did various scans but nothing could explain the ongoing agony, they said in the medical journal BMJ Case Reports.

Stingray City, Antigua: Address, Phone Number, Stingray City Reviews: 5/5

They even considered diagnosing her with complex regional pain syndrome, a poorly understood and painful nerve condition. But surgeons eventually decided to operate and look inside her foot, where they found lumps which looked like 'black pepper' — parts of the stingray's tail.


Stingrays tails are barbed and when these penetrate the flesh of a creature it has attacked, a membrane breaks and releases venom into the body. Although it's rare for the venom to be deadly, it can cause fever-like symptoms and vomiting, and may lead to more serious conditions such as blood poisoning. Steve Irwin, the Australian crocodile hunter, was famously killed by a stingray but this was because he bled to death after the fish's tail pierced his heart, not because he was poisoned.

Once the parts of the stingray were removed from the woman's foot she recovered, suffering only minor nerve damage to a few toes, and was able to run a half-marathon 18 months later. The doctors, led by Dr Philip Delbridge at a hospital trust in Swindon, said: 'The common stingray can be found in UK waters, and there have been stingray strikes within the UK reported in the media. The woman added: 'After the surgery I soon realised my foot was beginning to return to normal.

It was such a relief. Nowadays I am basically back to normal. Share this article Share. Read more: casereports.

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Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever
Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever
Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever
Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever
Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever
Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever Stingray: You Cant Hide Forever

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