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A two-way street where we connect the world together while you

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October Positive Change: Open Arms. Girls in Uganda will receive hygiene kits because you stepped out at a Sisterhood night, planted a seed…and it grew. Prayerfully consider giving a gift to see more people join the harvest and experience Jesus. Recently praiseLive hosted our first ever Sisterhood Night! That night we were made aware of a very specific need in Kampala, Africa where praiseLive is onair.

Girls in this city are dropping out of school because they have no means to manage their monthly cycle.

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Many get married too young and then the cycle of poverty continues. As sisters, we can help! If you or a group of friends would like to sew kits email kelsi praiselive.

We met in a coffee shop after morning minyan and in the synagogue after morning minyan a total of twice a week. So we did.

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The interest led to the program. Not the numbers. It consistently has between four and ten people in attendance, not huge, but they have been regulars. They are committed to this program!

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Over the course of eight months, we have absolutely grown and consistently reach more people. The numbers are useful in measuring consistency and are valuable in evaluating from year to year. As a result, you reach more people that way. This is because you can provide MUCH greater value to those fifty people by creating tailored programs.

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These can be focused on those interests and creating communities. No doubt this is true. I feel that way sometimes too. But those four, nine, or a dozen people will get the absolute best out of you no matter what and that is powerful.

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Those four lives are worth changing even without those other people. In fact, you can even engage more people in total! In leadership, participation, meaning making and more.

Reach Together Reach Together
Reach Together Reach Together
Reach Together Reach Together
Reach Together Reach Together
Reach Together Reach Together

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