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Why do you visit Copyblogger or Lifehacker or Chris Brogan , or any of the other top blogs? Because they offer you lots of stuff without necessarily expecting something in return. The people who run these blogs are constantly thinking about how they can help you. Again, think about the people in your personal life. You probably know that one person who is always willing to help, no matter what you need. Why do you keep going back to that person? Helpful people are popular people. Yes, you need to work at your blog. You should write good posts.

You should offer solid information. You might even put in long hours.

Build a Network (the Right Way)

Enjoy it. Make it part of your life. I mean, have you ever had someone get a crush on you and start trailing you like a puppy? And a little creepy. No matter how much you want success, just remember that it comes fast for some and slower for others. Then the people who run it announced a product. From that day forward, every post was about their product. Every link pointed to a sales page. The blog was no longer a conversation. It was a relentless sales pitch. Meryl Streep was right. Life is like high school. And success has a lot to do with being popular.

So … be popular. I like the tips. Our experience is that you also need something interesting to talk about — or at least an interesting angle. A bit of time spent on creative strategy and thinking about what your readers might be interested in really pays off. Finding that niche in the first place where you can talk with authority and share useful experience and information is really vital before you start with the tips above. I look at the blogs I visit continually and they have everything you mentioned.

8 Secrets About Popular Shows The Writers Don't Want You To Know

I was using some of the blogs as a model. Now, that you have this list put together. It will make it easy for others to follow. Who knew? Pursue excellence anyway.

Popular – Celeb Secrets Country

Also great advice for blogging. Thanks for your post. All great advice as I start my own blog this fall! Website goes up tomorrow. I like what you say. Tricky business. I think it can also have to do with the content and who your readers are. And yes, it IS a conversation.. Awesome post! Thanks for the awesome post!

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Hey Dean, Really liked this post. Much to learn from. I am going to reference it on my blog as there is much good information here. I know I get a little preachy sometimes and try to keep it in check. I think that is one of the things that people need to realize about celebrity status.

The top 25 secrets people dread their family or friends finding out

People like to flock to things that are a little off, or a little different than they are. I have blogged personally for about 4 years, and was surprised to find several of the qualities you list in common with how I blog. So, that made me feel pretty good. However, I am missing some key elements on the new blog I just started for the chamber of commerce I oeprate. So, this information and list will be helpful in building a successful blog that not only promotes our chamber members but gives something of value to the folks that visit.

You nailed it, very interesting!

Secrets to Becoming the Most Popular Co-Worker

I just started blogging and have been searching for a way to get readers. Thanks so much. I remember high school and will think of that when doing future blogs. Thanks so much for sharing this. I have several blogs but recently getting my teeth into the Social Media subject and what it is all about — for the average person, as well as businesses and bloggers.

http://gatsbyroofs.co.uk/jamie-campbell-bower-unauthorized-uncensored-all.php How do I meet and chat with others, and also make sure I get invited back again? Same methods are working for me. I also dislike those that blast twitter with auto messages and are all about selling without giving me something. Yep — just like high school and everything else in life — we need to be liked. I try to do the conversation mode for even my cooking blog, as for fact that is the format that I like to read.

Look again...you probably missed it!

My favorite blog dooce is all conversation and peek into her life — and the attraction. Pioneer Woman cooks does the best cooking site due to the conversation mode. I have found 2 to be untrue for me. I find my most popular posts to be the most passionate, strongly worded ones. I will occasionally have a post with humor but even then the more satirical ones work better than light-hearted jokes.

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To me, trying out different things and sticking with what resonates best with you and your audience is more important than trying to be light-hearted.

Popular Secrets Popular Secrets
Popular Secrets Popular Secrets
Popular Secrets Popular Secrets
Popular Secrets Popular Secrets
Popular Secrets Popular Secrets
Popular Secrets Popular Secrets
Popular Secrets Popular Secrets

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