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And then you see people crying in the theater. Because you are wallowing to a degree.

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In the end of Act II for most superhero movies, maybe they lose for five minutes. That seemed important. And that theme of loss is continued when Scott Lang visits a memorial to the dead in San Francisco.

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  4. Millions of names. How do we deal with this? That was the Stan Lee trick.

    Now that they have Power X. Well, this is our what if. If you lost, Thor becomes fat.

    Bestselling Series

    Natasha becomes a shut-in. Steve becomes depressed. Tony gets on with his life. Hulk is a superhero. And then we were like, he was on a mission of vengeance in the last movie. This is all this guy ever does! And fails, all the time. At least the Hulk is in a better place. It was a lot of fun, but it came at the wrong moment. It was an up, right when everyone else was down. And then they compromise and become Smart Hulk. So we chose to make lemonade. The tone is all weird, right? Hawkeye took arguably the darkest turn of any hero in this series.

    Leaving his family to go fight again? But he literally had not been in the movie prior to that point. They finish. She has obligations. We wrote a scene in which he appeared during the Titan fight. And everyone was like, what?

    It would indicate a whole different level of architecture to the universe and I think that was too much to just throw in. Was that inspired by some TV series that have also used this device? We wanted it to be real and for a long time — both in movie time and in chronological time for the characters. Where did the idea for the time-travel story line come from? How did you decide this?

    MARKUS Basically said what the Hulk says in that scene, which is, if you go to the past, then the present becomes your past and the past becomes your future. What remains to be seen is if these will remain tangential MCU properties or feature crossover storylines with the "proper" movies and shows. Watch every Marvel property in order. Every Marvel movie and TV show -- and the absolute ideal order for watching them.

    Who owns who in the Marvel film universe? A look at the intricate details that prevent Wolverine from fighting the Avengers. Marvel's latest is full of charisma, heart and spectacle. Doctor Strange trailer materializes. The long-awaited debut of the Sorcerer Supreme is here. Fox makes the original and rebooted X-Men series plus the now-insanely-successful Deadpool movies; Sony retains rights to Spider-Man. Upcoming Comic Book Movies. In one quick scene, we glimpsed a small portion of these heroes beginnings or powers. It is expected to fill in some back story of the new Batman while showing off lots of villains, including Harley Quinn, Deadshot and the Joker.

    Why I'm worried 'Suicide Squad' might be dead on arrival. But are they making promises that "Suicide Squad" won't keep?

    Captain Marvel

    What you need to know about 'Suicide Squad'. With Joker, Harley Quinn and Batfleck all appearing in this movie it's going to be interesting. How does DC's cinematic universe stack up? Zack Snyder's bleak vision of the iconic characters left us with a few things to ponder, like, why is life so awful? As for its television shows, the name "DC Multiverse" is a popular moniker.

    According to "Batman v Superman" director Zack Snyder, however, the movie exists in "a multi-universe.

    Deciding the Plot Points

    Thus far, though, its producers have made a point to avoid making any connection to a specific Superman. It has no connection to any other DC show on television. That is not what I'd call prequel-itis. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox.

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    Marvel must work a miracle with Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow

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    Little Marvel and other stories Little Marvel and other stories
    Little Marvel and other stories Little Marvel and other stories
    Little Marvel and other stories Little Marvel and other stories
    Little Marvel and other stories Little Marvel and other stories
    Little Marvel and other stories Little Marvel and other stories
    Little Marvel and other stories Little Marvel and other stories
    Little Marvel and other stories Little Marvel and other stories
    Little Marvel and other stories Little Marvel and other stories
    Little Marvel and other stories

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