Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance)

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Sopot va estar caliente! Fiestaaaaaa… Playa, Playa, piscina, piscina and the rest te lo imaginas! Look at this amazing bundle of talent and energy that we are bringing you.

Invitation to Dance

Our brothers and sisters from other mothers…. Always open and excited to share their knowledge, passion and put fire to the dance floor. This inspirational people will help us make this weekend unforgettable and full of joy! Join us to experience the magic of our crazy energy mix and our friends Deakocan, simply from the heart. What can we say? Get ready to rock the floor cause this guys will keep you up dancing all day and night long! They know how to perfectly mix the music to keep the energy levels up, so expect the floor filled with lots of happy faces.

The recipe with many spices to guarantee the parties filled with amazing dances, magical ambience and satisfaction. The perfect balance and fusion of rhythms, get your shoes ready ladies and gentlemen! Fiestaaaaaa… Playa, Playa, piscina, piscine and the rest te lo imaginas!

Osbanis and Anneta teach and perform all around the world, featuring 5 continents and over 30 countries, as well as at their ever-popular regular classes in London, with the aim to share their love of Cuban dance and inspire dancers to always dance from the heart. Whether teaching a dance class or performing one of their creative routines, Euphoria Dance Company, have made it their mission to leave you exhilarated and enthralled by bringing alive the joy of music to others.

The company reflects the influence of New York Style On2 dancing with its creative interpretation and strong sense of musicality on stage. Their goal is to present a unique and diverse performance style but still maintain the classic roots and essence of Mambo. His incorporation of multiple turns, spins, turn combinations, counter turns, sudden breaks and change of directions will leave his audience elated and wanting to see more.

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His passion for dance allows him to interpret musical rhythms through soulful body movements and intricate turn patterns. Jose Diaz, began his dancing career in under the direct supervision of Osmar Perrones, director of Yamulee Dance Company. When not traveling he served as an instructor at Yamulee Dance Studio as well as dance instructor at a local Elementary school in the Bronx. Jose launched his professional solo dance career in December and has teamed up with Nerea Perez of Milan Italy to begin the next phase and journey in his salsa endeavours. Since then he has been working as a dancer and choreographer for various productions in theatre, television, film and music in Cuba and in many other countries all over the world.

Many well-known names of Cuban and international artist highlight the path of his career. Performing as dancer as well as organizing the shows as choreographer he participated in many of their national and international concerts. Besides this Fredy also has a successful career as a teacher. Concerts, workshops, courses, festivals or congresses, one student or , absolute beginners or professionals — he does not want to decide what he likes more. Each type of lesson is a different kind of challenge and requires its own special methodology of teaching.

To see the students having fun and to observe their progress, fills him with pride and gives his work meaning. Dancer, dance teacher, choreographer born in Havana. Studying parallel in both schools and trained in various disciplines continued to study classical ballet, modern dance, folklore and Cuban traditional and popular Cuban dances. He has appeared on television programs and video clips Carlos Manuel, Dan Den, etc.

In , he decided to settle in Italy and in he had a chance to meet Alberto Valdes, who recognized his potential and took him under his wings. Rafael discovered his power and charisma and gained love of the audience and his students. He lived in Milan, where he developed his own style and went on a revolutionary new path of his career. Group quickly soared to the top of the international salsa scene and today is one of the most well-known salsa groups in the world.

Thanks to its innovative and original style, it was actively invited to all salsa congresses and festivals, also appearing repeatedly on Italian television. In , following his own independent path he opened a dance school in Milan, but still was working as a choreographer alongside Fernando Sosa and Tropical Gem Dance Company.

In Rafael, together with his partner created their own individual project Fusion Caribe. He was born in Argentina and grow up in Bolivia and from he lives in Sweden. He is the director and creator of Dance Vida company.

Latin Dance

He has been dancing professional since and his first passion was Salsa. Fabian started his carrier winning the Scandinavian Salsa Championship, the Swedish Championship, third place in the European salsa championship and competed also in the World Salsa Championship in Orlando USA he finished 11 of 56 couples.

He started dancing Bachata since and competed in the Bachata World Championship in , and now he is opening his love to other dance styles like Kizomba, Tango and WCS. He is traveling most weekends of the year for the biggest dance events in the world, to teach, perform and be a jury in dance competitions. MC- Master of the ceremony Very well-known entertainer and established instructor, his emphasis is to ensure all students have a great time whilst learning to dance.

An animated and cheerful time is guaranteed when Rohan is around. The master of the ceremony always ready to warm you up to party and warm the cheers for the shows.


Also, he is definitely a king of the dancefloor, having plenty of moves for all dance styles. Rohan is an extremely good dancer and teacher in many different styles. Besides bachata and kizomba, he is also a great teacher of Cuban salsa, son and chachacha. One of his specialties is salsa with one man and two women, in which he with a great sense of humour guides students through exciting workshops.

Rohan comes from Jamaica, has been travelling the world and today he is living in England, where dancing and teaching salsa, has been a huge part of his life for many years. He was first exposed to music and dance from the very early age of 1 yrs old. Being the son of an avid churchgoer, his mother and reggae promoter his father , who was also an atheist, meant that he had no escape from music and dance, singing and expression.

He enjoyed the way the church music, worship and dance all went together and the way in which it made you want more. On the flip side, his dad was an entrepreneur and promoter of the big reggae bands so, there was always reggae music and people around the house. He equally enjoyed the dancing and the deep sounds of the African drums and the rumbling bass line.

Since then he worked on Cuba holidays, international salsa congresses, learning programmes, documentaries and movies and became director of the salsa events. The front pair of Polish dancers represents and combines everything that you need. Sensitivity and sensuality with Latin energy and temperament. Looking at them, you get the impression that they live music. They simply breathe it.

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With charm and charisma they can provoke a desire for dance in everyone. Come and feel their passion! Mambo was popularized in nightclubs in Havana, Cuba, in the mids and was brought to the U. However, mambo evolved into the sexy dance style known as salsa when it was taken from the ballrooms and the dance floors to the streets. It combines many Afro-Caribbean elements but remains essentially faithful to the mambo.

Avalanche dance crew, Latin'Afro Caribbean contest, Mucho Bueno Festival 2018

The Dominican Republic and Haiti brought meringue to dance floors, but there are two different stories about the development of this dance. The first tells the story of a war hero returning from battle with an injured leg, limping and dragging one leg as he danced, all of the people at the victory celebration felt obliged to imitate his dance out of sympathy.

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The other story says it began with chained slaves, who were forced to drag their heavy foot along as they cut sugar to the beat of a drum. Using a rhythm that is favored throughout the Caribbean, the meringue is an easy dance to learn for those who want to have a bit of Latin flair in their dance while on vacation. It's also well-suited to small, crowded dance floors since it does not require much room. Bachata combines meringue with the romantic bolero style.

The rumba, originally a slow dance, has become even slower over time. It is another very sexy dance, and one where the pattern is very small and good for crowded dance floors.

see Meanwhile the cha cha is a mid-tempo dance, a variant between the rumba and the mambo. Zouk is a form of dance and music in the French Caribbean descended from the Brazilian lambada. From the word "party" in French Creole, zouk has been described as a lighter version of the lambada, whose music combines reggae, salsa, and meringue with a fast beat.

The beguine is a dance also adapted in Guadeloupe and Martinique, though it began as a slow rumba. This slow, close dance gained popularity in major part due to a song written about the dance by Cole Porter. Throughout the Caribbean, music and dance go hand-in-hand. This is particularly true when it comes to new and popular dance styles. Dances are often named for the music or song that they resulted from. On Jamaica, dancehall music often inspires new styles, and these styles can change as quickly as the popular music itself.

These are usually named by the song, but songs themselves call out new dance moves. Other dances like the limbo are traditional dances that became popular for a short while.

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Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance) Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance)
Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance) Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance)
Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance) Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance)
Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance) Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance)
Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance) Latin and Caribbean Dance (World of Dance)

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