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I'm sorry. It just makes it easier for me to carry and helps in case of spillage while I'm driving. Forgive me. You got a learn the takeout tie! You carry the bag by the un-hooped handle and undo the tie by pulling the bag handle on the hooped side. I respect you. My one issue with delivery is with French fries. Can't they still get soggy that way? The only place near me that serves fries in a paper bag is Five Guys and I know they're only good if eaten in the place. All of our food trays are Styrofoam, people just tend to ask for the fries a little more well done to help with the 'sogginess'.

I sometimes punch little holes in the box with a toothpick, that kinda helps. I do it this way and it never fails. I had this thought some time ago.

Decorative Knots

Of all the celebrities to meet at random, if I met Hulk Hogan and for whatever reason he called me brother let's say I held the door and he said, "Thanks Brother! I think that would be the most awesome and likely make my week. Or was he just that strong?

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I wouldn't be surprised if he were strong enough to just tear them. I mean I sort of assume he was. But I also wouldn't be surprised if the shirts were made to tear easier just to save the effort on a repeated gag. Hands down best wrestling game no one talks about. I thought that was a pretty popular game. I remember getting revenge and my mom took it away because you could beat people with chairs and tables. If there as an award for accurate depiction of a life event with a metaphor then The bags are too damn strong!

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  • Anyone ever hear this or was I the victim of childhood gullibility? I currently use it on my key chain.

    The Knot by Mark Watson

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. I'm not sure if it would work using some sort of container made from an animal bladder. I do this this being hang my water bottle over board when I'm out on an expedition kayaking trip.

    Winnie the Pooh 2011 Piglet cannot knot a knot! YouTube

    I lead 5 day kayaking trips along the North Carolina outer banks. To keep it cool I'll often use a carabiner to lash it to my deck rigging and drag it with me. The sound isn't that much cooler than the air, but if I store my water in my cockpit with me, it still gets warmer than the water in the sound. On the deck of the kayak it'll get as hot as bath water. Out on the ocean, where the Vikings would have been sailing, the ocean water would be pretty cold even on hot days and would keep tasty beverages pretty cool. Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Oft times, in days of yore, containers made of animal bladders were covered with a natural waterproofing material such as insect shellac or some sort of tree sap or gum.

    This kept bottles from leaking. It didn't keep them from aquiering, sp , an off taste. The coating also made them hard and they could be hung with out distorting. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. I don't know the name but I have heard this story too, when I learned how to make almost the same knot I actually laughed when I started tightening mine.

    Not because it was funny but in disbelief that I did it right! I've been to about a half-dozen other sources and is this is the first one that explained the knot in a clear, easy-to-follow fashion. Most sources fail around the point where you begin crossing loops over, but you did an excellent job of explaining those steps.

    Kudos to you; keep up the good work. Thank you so much. Your directions are VERY clear and easy to follow. I really enjoyed learning how to tie this knot.

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    I must commend you on this instructable on what now seems such a simple not to tie, NEVER have i seen such clear and easy to understand instructions on any knot before. I love the cork stopper. How did you cut a hole in the synthetic cork so that it looks so nice and clean? I was thinking about drilling a hole but that seems like it would look ragged. Also, where did you find a cork that was plain white?


    All the synthetic corks I see from wine bottles have something printed on them like grapes or something. By hpstoutharrow Follow. More by the author:. Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? There may be an issue with the Instagram Access Token that you are using. Your server might also be unable to connect to Instagram at this time. Error: No posts found. Make sure this account has posts available on instagram.

    Error: admin-ajax. Some features may not be available. Please visit this page to troubleshoot. Surprise Me! Out in paperback now. Buy your copy today!! Read an extract. Finding Audrey Be prepared to laugh, dream and hope with Audrey as she learns that even when you feel like you have lost yourself, love can still find you… Find out more.

    Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1) Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1)
    Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1) Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1)
    Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1) Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1)
    Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1) Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1)
    Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1) Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1)
    Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1) Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1)
    Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1) Knot So Funny (Knot Funny Book 1)

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