Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!

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These people have to go. It gets worse. The former employee attacks my reputation—or the reputation of the company—with a vengeance. Although I did the right thing, it starts to look like I did the wrong thing. As a Christian , firing someone is even more difficult.

As Christians, we are taught to turn the other cheek. We are supposed to reflect the love of a God who looked down upon our rebellion, and still sent his Son to pay the penalty for our sin. In a way, it would be like the son of a business owner firing himself instead of firing the manager who acted wrongly.

How to Do the Right Thing

Jesus took our place, and took upon himself the punishment meant for us. Although he had been righteous—he did the right thing—it looked to others as though he had done the wrong thing. Yet the Lord still set him apart for himself and heard David when he called. I think God hears you and me too. I pray hard in these situations.

The Easy Thing Versus The Right Thing: Which Do You Choose?

I spend a lot of time begging God to give me wisdom when I have to do something difficult. It comforts me to know that God hears those prayers. Not only will God hear my prayer when I ask him for wisdom in these situations, but God is also responsible for my reputation when I have to do something ugly. As a leader, I feel it is important for me to keep the details of personnel decisions secret. As a result, firing someone is lonely business—you have to do the hard work, and then you have to keep the details to yourself.

On the other hand, if the focus is on defining the right thing that is, strategy and goals but no action or the wrong action is taken to execute it, an organization will never achieve its goals. We all have seen people and organizations that are happy just having a strategy in place, but what they do daily is not aligned with that strategy.

Therefore, they do not achieve the change they desire.

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To remain relevant and in order to grow, firms must do the right thing in the right way. Decide what that is, allocate the resources you need to achieve it and develop an implementation plan tailored to your business.

Make the Right Thing the Easy Thing

As described by Peter H. Diamandis in his book Abundance , many industries are moving from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance. This simply means that there is more competition on price margins, which makes digital optimization in almost every industry a priority. The focus of digital optimization is to use digital technologies like cloud, mobile, security and analytics to increase the efficiency in current business operations without significant changes to the way business is conducted.

How to know if you're making the right decision - MEL ROBBINS

The emphasis is on cost reductions, which are necessary but not sufficient to guarantee long-term competitiveness and survival. Both Blockbuster and Netflix had the same high-level objective of providing movies to their customers, but the ways they did it that is, their business models and capabilities were different. But they were not adequate for today.

That is why Blockbuster closed the majority of its stores in and now only nine of them remain soon to be eight. Digitizing and optimizing the checkout process, inventory management and CRM, which helped to reduce the operational costs at the time, were not enough to transform the business to compete against the rise of Netflix. In the context of its business model, Netflix used cloud and mobile to enable access to its services from any place and analytics and AI to provide customized advice to its customers while keeping the overall cost down.

Netflix defined a business model adequate for the 21st century the right thing and used the right technology to implement it efficiently the right way , while Blockbuster used technology just to optimize operational costs but not to change its business model.

This question can be answered in a variety of ways. The SCN method is an intuitive, practical and straightforward way to define the right thing for a firm that wants to deliver differentiating values to its customers. The SCN method has four major steps:. For each value proposition from Step 2, identify the capabilities that are required to deliver the value proposition.

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    Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!
    Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!
    Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!
    Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!
    Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!
    Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!
    Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!

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