Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10)

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Step 1: What If I Want More Than Just Disco? a Rant.

Bake at degrees F for minutes. When done, bread should sound hollow when tapped. Have fun, and write back to let us know how it went!

For those with a mixer that has a dough hook, you can use that for the mixing and kneading parts. I put my ingredients in the bowl of my mixer with the dough hook. Then I let it rise in the bowl, covered, for about an hour. I do a second rise in the loaf pan for another minutes and then bake. You may want to check out this book.

No-Knead 5-Minute Artisan Bread

We just ordered it. Hey, Matt! You got the book — yay! Yep, based on your an a few other readers suggestion. A friend of mine gave me a really nice, used bread machine.

Russell Taylors Bread Maker BM-10 : Cinnamon Raisin Bread

It was so much fun making bread in there. I put my reply in the wrong place! I meant to post this to the butter thread!

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Ooops, sorry! I use the dough setting on my bread maker which takes 90 minutes. At the end of the cycle I take the dough out, shape it and put it in a greased, glass loaf pan. I cover it and let it rise for minutes, until it has risen about an inch over the top of the pan. Then I bake it according to the recipe directions, which seems to usually be for about 30 minutes. This lets the machine do the hard work and only creates one extra dish to wash. Maybe it should. A pet peeve I have is slicing bread. I stink at it.

Want to bake your own bread? Follow these golden rules

Using the electric knife with the bread guide makes for perfectly sliced bread in a snap! Our favorite bread recipe happens to be a King Arthur Flour recipe too. It is their oatmeal toasting sandwich and bread. Fortunately, I have perfected the art of cutting loaves of bread with a serrated knife. Hey Betty thanks for posting the recipe, been waiting for your husband forEVAH to do it cuz I just got a new breadmaker! No kneading, no proofing, just an easy mix, 2 hour rise, and you have enough dough for several loaves. Grab some from the fridge, pop it in the oven…simple as that.

Love it! Hmmm, now that just makes plain sense Faye. Whenever I hear ways to simplify like this it always rings a bell. You should try homemade butter. The food processor does all the work. Thanks Brenda! Whipping cream and salt? I think I have just found something to try this weekend! Thanks for sharing! After about 10 to 15 minutes in the food processor, the butter will start to separate. You will end up with butter and this coudy looking liquid which is actually UN-cultured buttermilk.

Bread Machine Recipes: Comparison Table

Anyway, after separation, strain the buttermilk off the butter through a mesh strainer lined with cheese cloth, twist the ends of the cheese cloth and wring as much buttermilk out as you can. I almost forgot…you can also add honey, chives or any kind of herbs or spices you want to the butter. What could possibly be better on fresh homemade bread? We love homemade bread and I do use a bread machine most of the time. My problem is that homemade bread tends to dry out and the slices fall apart, which makes sandwiches kind of messy.

I would love to completely kick the store bought bread habit. I use whole wheat flour and vital gluten, or white flour on occasion.

German Flours vs American Flours

Does anyone have any suggestions? It held together very well. These are perfect for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

The 14 Best Bread Machine Cookbooks of All Time

This is a fabulous bread for toasting and it makes delicious sandwiches. The cornmeal and whole wheat flour add just enough texture to the bread and a small amount of brown sugar sweetens it perfectly. This simple bread machine white bread recipe results in a bread with a pleasant, chewy texture. It's delicious as toast for breakfast or you can use it to make great sandwiches, grilled or not. Make this on rapid, or quick cycle, or it could be made on the regular cycle with a little less yeast, about 2 teaspoons.

These bread machine cinnamon rolls are easy to make using your bread machine's dough cycle. Feel free to use other finely chopped nuts instead of pecans or leave the nuts out altogether. This recipe makes enough pizza dough for two inch thick-crust pizzas. Freeze half of the dough for another day. This recipe makes a large loaf of bread. Basil and kalamata olives plus some of the brine make this bread smell extra-good while it's baking and it's delicious!

The bread machine makes these traditional hot cross buns a little easier.

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Make these rolls with currants, raisins, or other dried fruit. This is an easy bread to make with your bread machine and it's a wonderful bread for sandwiches and toast. This flavorful bread machine loaf is made with chopped onion, bell pepper, garlic, and a generous amount of Cajun or Creole seasoning. Fill these mini buns with tiny burgers, seafood salad, roast beef, pulled pork, or other sandwich fillings. Make them very small for appetizers or slider size. Dried blueberries and cinnamon make these bread machine buns extra-flavorful and they're perfect for the morning rush or a special brunch.

Leading baker and instructor Richard Miscovich has worked with wood-fired ovens for many years and has developed a widely-accepted expertise on the subject. The recipes themselves are organized by decreasing heat required, mirroring the temperature of the oven as its heat dissipates. Chapters included: — Baking breads — Making pizza and other live-fire flatbreads — Roasting fish and meats — Grilling, steaming, braising, and frying — Baking pastry and other recipes beyond breads — Rendering animal fats and clarifying butter — Food dehydration and infusing oils.

Best Bread Machine Cookbooks

Having taken a baguette course from Richard years ago, I can tell you that reading this book is like having him in the room with you. The book itself is beautifully bound and filled with full-color photos which detail both specific techniques and delicious results. The technical information about bread is approachable and correct and will bring your bread bread baking to the next level. He ignites the fire within and compels us to want to know what he knows and to bake as well as he bakes.

Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10) Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10)
Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10) Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10)
Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10) Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10)
Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10) Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10)
Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10) Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10)
Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10) Bread Machine Recipes (Special Bread Recipes Book 10)

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