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After Dachau by Daniel Quinn ebook. Daniel Quinn, well known for Ishmael — a life-changing book for readers the world over — once again turns the tables and creates an otherworld that is very like our own, yet fascinating beyond words. Imagine that Nazi Germany was the first to develop an atomic bomb and the Allies surrendered. America was never bombed, occupied, or even invaded, but was nonetheless forced to recognize Nazi world dominance.

The Nazis continued to press their campaign to rid the planet of "mongrel races" until eventually the world — from Capetown to Tokyo — was populated by only white faces.

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Two thousand years in the future people don't remember, or much care, about this distant past. The reality is that to be human is to be Caucasian, and what came before was literally ancient history having nothing to do with those then living. Tull and Hastings's exploration into the truth of her existence turns into a deeper quest to discover the truth of the history of the world. The novel does have a few problems. Both Tull and Hastings are a little too quick to believe the truth as the other person sees it, even when all the "facts" point to their own delusions or understandings of events.

However their acceptance is done in order for Quinn to address the more serious question of history. This isn't a matter of whether or not the winners write the history as it is of questioning whether individual events in history actually matter in the long term.

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Native Americans were practically wiped out by incursions from Europeans, and those remaining have, at various times, launched movements to have their loss of lands and rights redressed. Had the Europeans actually committed genocide and wiped out all of the Native Americans, would there be anyone to actually speak for the Native American's rights? In late April , as the American army advanced deep into Germany, 3, mostly Jewish prisoners were moved from Kaufering, a sub-camp of Dachau.

Dachau Concentration Camp

In the village of Schwabhausen, not far from St Ottilien, the train was strafed by US fighter planes. Ammunition in the sidings blew up, and in the confusion the SS who were guarding the prisoners fled. Among the people left alive on the train was Zalman Grinberg, a year-old physician from Kovno in Lithuania.

He knew the prisoners had little chance of survival if they stayed in the open, so quickly gathered them together and, with the help of an American colonel, led them to safety in the monastery. Grinberg, posing as a Red Cross official, commandeered part of the monastery and it became the only Jewish hospital in Bavaria.

by Daniel Quinn

Father Cyrill and I walk into the heart of the 19th-century complex and stand in the shadow of the abbey with its grey steeple. The setting is idyllic. Orchards lead down the hill to the pastures.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tours

On 27 May , year-old US private Bob Hilliard, from Brooklyn, attended the concert thinking it would make a light-hearted feature for the army newspaper he edited. When the concert ended no one applauded.

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  • A liberation concert at which most of the people could not believe that they were free. That was all about to change. Grinberg stepped on to the stage and delivered a speech in which he described the odyssey he had taken.

    After Dachau After Dachau
    After Dachau After Dachau
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